Velcro Sneakers Never Looked So Cool

Max Mara Resort 2015 is where it is at for me.  With a slightly odd mix of a little bit of this and a little bit of that, these perfectly styled outfits are admirable and comfortable.  Sneakers paired with snakeskin fedoras, fingerless gloves, faux fur coats and leggings worn under skirts have my head spinning in a good way!

Below are my favorite looks of the collection and my style tips are simple.  

Just wear velcro sneakers exactly like this and you will be all good in the fashion world!  :)

* All images via Style.com

So, what do you think of this collection and are you liking or totally disliking?  Hope everyone is doing well.  I am of course busy with my fashion designing and am so bad with keeping up with my blog lately.  I recently got a dress form and am now learning draping on the form.  It's a long process, but worth the time invested to learn this.  Thanks for your patience.  

Have a great day and thank you for visiting!


  1. Loooovveee these inspirations ;)

    xo Jenny

  2. It looks great! Amazing pics.


  3. Stunning selection of fashion.

  4. Such pretty selection, a lot of different things combined together look so good
    I like those white hand gloves the most
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  5. Stunning collection and amazing pics... I love them all!!!!
    Kisses doll!!!

  6. Looks great. I can remember when velcro shoes came out, haha. I was little and I loved them, I used to pull the straps all the time to hear the noise. I had this jumpsuit outfit as well that had different coloured velcro straps on the shoulder to hold it together...ohh the early 80's, so much fun, haha!! This looks a lot better :))) Have a great weekend doll xx

  7. I love sporty chic styling so I'm all over this collection. I had a pair of velcro sneakers back in the day and I really wouldn't mind wearing them again if they were sleek and stylish like these.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. Hi Pip, always so good to hear from you, how have you been? I haven't seen this collection before, its really the definition of sports luxe, very interesting pieces that can be worn in very many ways. I am entirely grateful for your visit....Have a splendid weekend!

  9. I have been a little busy too Pip, there has been a few exciting changes and opportunities, I am feeling pretty good about them...

    I am not too much into velcro ... they do look quite stylish :)... I can't wait to see the next outfit you make :)

  10. Hi Pip, I really admire how you have taken your passion for sewing and made it into something real! Its inspiring! I also have barely any time to blog but trying to juggle everything. Thanks so much for stopping by, wishing you positivity in your week ahead!


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