Embroidered Shift Dress

One of the hottest trends for Spring 2014 are Embroidered Pieces.  Today I wanted to show you a little peak into a dress I made this week that I was really hoping would turn out well because my black fabric I used was not cheap.  I have not been able to blog much lately because I am working hard on developing my sewing techniques, but next week things will be back to normal.  My regular style posts will be up twice a week or more if I get a chance.  I consider myself in training and the reason I am trying to do things so fast is because everyday isn't promised and when you really want something, you need to absolutely dive in and get cracking.  That is how I look at life anyways, as I lost my Mom 10 years ago suddenly and tragically and there was no preparing for her death.  I learned one thing out of that experience and that is you must live every day to the fullest.  So, I hope that you also learn to not push aside the things you really want to do too, because you may not get a chance to do them if you wait years or after your kids are a certain age.   

I hope that you are all doing well and I will be wearing this dress Monday for a style post and am so interested to hear your feedback on it!  

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!!


Some New Designs I Have Been Working On

Hello dears!  I know I have MIA lately, but I am working so hard and long to develop my sewing techniques as I have this passion and drive to do this for a living.  Thanks you for your patience with my lack of posting and also thank you so much for your extremely thoughtful feedback so many of you have been leaving me on my sewing journey.  So, here are some new pieces I have made over the last week and a half.  I am in the process right now of learning to line garments, find the right crotch adjustments in pants and learn how to make slopers for my size.  Very very time-consuming when you don't have a dress form or no teacher!  

My goal is to by Fall 2014 open up an Etsy Shop, and since I am doing it all on my own, you can imagine how tired I must be.  I started this February learning to sew on the machine and was hand-sewing all in January and altering my clothing that didn't fit.  My passion is now to design clothing for Petites who are XS-S.  I will not be using this blog specifically for my sewing, but I know many of you are wondering what in the world I am sewing that is keeping me from my usual outfit posts.  So here are my latest adventures!

Sleeveless Dress with Watteau Back

Winter White Circle Skirt with lining

and...Culottes because I feel petites can wear them.  

Please excuse the mess as it is my work room.  These shorts are also basted together as a test run.  I haven't sewn them right because I sharpee marked my darts and the material is really thin for shorts and see-through.  But I wanted to test out size and fit with these for a better and higher quality pair.  I just wanted to prove that petites can get away with a culotte this length.  There is a lot of style advice regarding culottes this season and most of it is to wear the length that hits just above the calf, but petites look better with the length falling just slightly above the knee or at the knee.

Like anything?  Dislike anything?  Feedback is always appreciated, but please keep it constructive!  

Hope you are having a good week so far!

Thanks for stopping by today and have a 
wonderful day! 


The Return Of Culottes

Hello my dear readers!  I am so tired lately and haven't posted due to extreme sewing I have been practicing lately, and I also had a great vacation week with my family last week, so hopefully you are still here to keep in touch and to enjoy my quick post.  Today I want to discuss "Culottes".  They are totally in style for Spring and Fall 2014 and I have to say that I actually really love them!  One issue though with them, is that people either love them or completely hate them, so don't be surprised if someone makes fun of you if you decide to wear them and jump on the trend bandwagon this Season.  I actually love to make people laugh, so I have no issues wearing them out in public when the weather gets warmer and if I see anyone laughing, I will bow to them and say I am so happy that I was able to make you laugh today.  ;)  

I leave you with some of my very favorite inspiration photos from the Runways and some simple tips to help you pull this look off well.

*Style Tips*

My personal feelings towards styling culottes, is to wear them high-waisted and to tuck in your top to them to add length to your body and to appear taller.  With the width of the legs and the way they do cut off the legs a bit, you will be better finding a high-waist pair that speaks to you.  

You can also wear a crop top with them as well, but wear a fitted one for balance or you can appear sloppy.  

Miroslava Duma's look in the first picture is my favorite inspiration picture to go by because not only does she wear hers high-waisted, but she wears a turtleneck to add even more length to her as she is very petite.  

Hope these tips help and that if you are kind of digging this trend for Spring 2014, that you will feel more confident in trying it out!  

Thanks for stopping by today and have a 
wonderful day! 


How To Dress When You Are "In-Between" Sizes

We have all been at this point where either we have gained or lost weight and we are 
"in-between" sizes.  This is a real problem for many women and an issue that needs proper addressing.  Today I am going to share with you some great insight on this issue and solve any quick problems you may have regarding this issue.  
This post is dedicated to my best friend "Nikki", who is having this very issue at this moment, and she asked me to write a post on this as many others are trying to tackle the same issue.

Question:  Do I try to squeeze into a pair of jeans that are a bit too tight, or wear my looser pair that are falling off me?

Answer:  Always go with the pair that is a bit too small.  Not so tight that you are really feeling restricted because that isn't good for your health at all, but it's better to go with a bit smaller than too big since you will just look sloppy in the bigger pair of pants.  

Question:  I have nothing to wear and don't want to go shopping and spend money on new clothes when I am in the process of trying to reach my goal weight.  What should I do?

Answer:  Don't shop if you are seriously in the process of losing weight and are dedicated to reaching your goal.   In the meantime, I suggest shift dresses, leggings worn with long sweaters or long tunics, and pants, shorts and skirts with elastic waists.  There are so many really great bottoms with elastic that are high-fashion still, and not only will you be comfortable, but you will be still fashionable.  

Question:  Should I alter my clothing?

Answer:  Yes, but always make sure you go to someone who is very very good and someone you trust, if you need to go more than 2 sizes down.  I suggest alterations for women who have lost weight unintentionally due to illness or stress, or who have a hard time gaining, but still have a lot of great clothing in their wardrobe.  

There you have it ladies!  These three questions should solve any issues or concerns about how to dress when in-between sizes.  I hope that this was helpful and that you will soon be into the size that you wish to be, or that you will at least feel confident that you made the right choice to either alter your clothing or try out some elastic bottoms while dealing with this daily struggle so many of us have dealt with!  

Thanks for stopping by today and have a 
wonderful day!