Sneak Peak Of New Design

This is just a quick preview of a skirt I have been working on this week and I am excited about it because this is the first time working with faux leather for me.  It is fully lined with a facing as well.   I love the lining fabric and wanted to focus on making a nice A Line, faux leather skirt that could be worn with cream or black tops for Winter.  I will be also working on a blouse to match the lining, but that will take me a while to do as I don't normally make blouses.  

An outfit post will be up shortly on A-Line skirts and how to style them!  Hope you all have a great day!  

*** Updated pictures on my Dress form below


Military And Leather

Winter layering has become the normal for me as I am not a fan of cold winter months.  Turtlenecks are my essential item to keep my neck warm, and I live for the days lately where I can wear heels again if the roads are not icy and bad to walk on.  So today, I decided to bust out with my leather pants and I got this awesome military vest jacket a few months ago and love throwing it on over my turtleneck.  
Read below for my style tips on this look!

Style Tips

1.  I have an absolute must when wearing leather pants, and that is that your hand bag must be leather as well.  Everything else can be whatever fabric you wish, including your coat and tops.  But if you are wearing leather pants, please do the leather hand bag.  Same goes for shoes.  Wear leather shoes as well to go with the pants or boots.  It just keeps things smooth and easy on the eyes.  

2.  Have some fun metal details on your military jacket such as brass hardware or zippers?  If you have a brassy pair of earrings, you can highlight your ears with some jewels to keep the look balanced.  You will not need necklaces with this look - keep it simple.  

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading!  


Long Rectangle Scarves For Winter Outfits

For casual days where I wear sneakers and boot cut jeans, I like to find ways to up-the-glam in my outfit.  Long rectangle scarves don't just need to be worn under your coat for neck warmth; they can be worn also as part of your outfit!
Read below for some style tips on today's look!

Style Tips

1.  The long and thick rectangle winter scarf is perfect worn over a fitted long sleeve top and a pair of jeans.  Dress it up by wearing skinny jeans and knee high boots with heels, or dress it down a tad bit by wearing some cute sneakers for running errands during the day.  

2.  Try wearing your scarf over a fitted sweater dress, tights with boots or heels  for the evening out to dinner!  

Hope these simple tips help and I hope you are doing well and having a great week!  


How To Style A Vintage Blouse

Vintage Blouses are unique wardrobe items you can add to your wardrobe for days where you just want to throw on a pair of skinny jeans, boots and a leather or suede coat, and head out the door.  This easy out fit is comfortable yet is great for daytime too!  I always try to pick up vintage blouses that stand out to me in print and color and can be worn with jeans or with a nice pair of trousers.  

Style Tips

1.  Boots always work great with vintage blouses, but so do really nice pumps stilettos too! 

2.  This type of blouse works great with skinny jeans and flare or boot cut jeans or trouser dress pants, but also works well tucked into high waist pencil skirts too with tights and heels.  

I hope these tips will give you some inspiration to head to the thrift store to save money on a new piece or even browse the web for some awesome vintage finds!  Have a great day!