Saint Laurent Look For Way Less!

Something that I love to do at night, is look at online shopping sites selling extremely expensive Designer Clothing and get some outfit ideas from my own closet.  Since it is cooling down and we are into Fall soon, I was excited to come across this very very expensive Saint Laurent Look and put together something similar because I have similar pieces!  While I am not always into copying, sometimes you just have to because you have the pieces, and I don't know about you, but I don't know many people who can wear designer luxury clothing from head-to-toe.  So here is a very easy look that is comfortable and chic and very similar to Saint Laurent!  What do you think about the price comparison?  :)

Saint Laurent's Look $21,470  /  My Look  $120 (excluding bag)

Items Worn For This Post

Vest:  Forever 21
Top:  Forever 21
Jeans:  Forever 21
Shoes:  TJ Maxx
Bag:  Louis Vuitton

Style Tips

There really isn't much to say here other than I opted out of the boots and chose to wear shooties instead.  I am petite standing at 5 feet tall, and when petites try to wear boots and skinny jeans together, they make the legs look like tree stumps and that is not flattering.  So, a nice shootie works better in my case and if you are a petite, will work well for you too!  Of course you can wear ankle boots for Winter, but if you are short, try to wear them with an above the knee skirt with tights and not with skinny pants.  

Hope you like the easy inspiration for today and have a great day!


Collarless Coats

Collarless coats are a great piece to wear for early Fall weather as you don't need anything to cover your neck just yet.  I love big and bold floral prints and wanted to make something that could be worn both for Fall and for Spring as well.  This look is Carrie Bradshaw inspired and so much fun to wear!  
Read below for style tips on this look!

Items Worn For This Post 

Coat:  Designed by me
Shoes:  Tahari
Earrings:  Designed by me
Top:  TJ Maxx
Jeans:  DKNY

Style Tips

1.  What is great with a collarless coat, is that you can throw them over anything.  Whether it be skinny jeans, a pencil skirt or a sheath dress, a slim silhouette worn underneath the coat makes is very balanced.  

2.  Bold floral prints call for totally solids underneath.  So, I wore basics and stuck with black since there is a tad bit of black mixed into this print.  Edgy shooties make this look very early Fall and nice for temps in the 60's.  

I hope you have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by today!  How do you feel about collarless coats and how do you wear yours?


Take Your Romper Well Into Fall

Rompers are either loved or hated, but for me they are absolutely one of the most comfortable pieces to wear when they are made well.  A lot of thought needs to be put into making one that works well on an adult female's body because they can make you look like you are 40 going on 10 if you aren't careful.  Elastic waists remind me of little girls, and too thin of fabrics make them too see-through.  "Hello, I can see your undies"!  No one wants that.  So, I bring you my latest design of a version for petites that is comfortable and fully-lined and can be worn Summer through Fall.  The waist is low for a looser fit, while still hugs the body enough.  It's made with an ivory cotton sateen fabric, which has a slight stretch and feels so nice on the body.  This romper was a test run for me and a sample that I still need to tweak and make a final pattern draft for.  But the thing I wanted most to accomplish most with this, was learning to fully line this by using a lot of hand sewing in the lining.  I made some mistakes, but overall this is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I have ever worn!  

I leave you with some outfit ideas on how to wear this type of romper from Summer to Fall and also some style tips below!  

Worn on / Front of romper / Inside Lining of romper

Summer Look

*Style Tips*

  A long chain necklace really add sophistication to this playful and comfortable romper, while a fun zebra print sandal keep it easy-going and easy to walk in for a day out walking around.

Pre-Fall Look

*Style Tips*

I love my trench because it is a short enough length for a petite frame and it works great with skirts and jeans.  I loved the idea of throwing it over my romper for a slightly cool Fall day, and you can easily throw tights and boots on if it is colder!  

Items I am Wearing: 

Romper:  Made by me
Trench:  TJ Maxx
Shoes:  BCBG

I hope everyone is doing well.  What do you think of the newest project?  


Square Toed Shoes (Fall/Winter 2104-2015)

One of my favorite shoe trends for this Winter, is Square Toed Shoes!  I love the 60's vibe to them, and they are a refreshing change from pointed and round-toed styles that are more commonly seen and worn.  Below are some of my favorite shoes from Fall/Winter's Runway looks.  

Which is your favorite and do you have a pair of your own that you are excited to wear as well?

*source HERE

*source HERE

Hope you have a great week!  I'm trying to get back in touch with many of you as I have been so busy.  Vacationed a bit and busy with fashion designing still.  What have you all been up to?